And suddenly you pay money for it. My experiences with Krypton Escort

I never thought that I would …

My first boss always asked me the following question: “What are the options?”

It’s not about wishes, daydreams. It’s about what we really can have.

What are the options for a man in the late 30s,

  • who works 70 hours a week in a male dominated field
  • who has neither desire nor time to get a girlfriend
  • who takes care of himself and looks ok, but not like a movie actor
  • whose social environment has thinned a bit every year after graduation so that nothing is left but rare calls to old friends?

No women far and wide. I do not even mean unattractive. Such as one would not show to his friends. Not even a favorable photograph in the semi-darkness. But maybe after a bottle of wine, without witnesses and after prolonged abstinence … But no, not even such options within reach. No bad options. Simply none.

Many successful men who put their careers about their private lives go to bed with the bitter feeling that they are going to bed alone. And worse, the temporary can become a permanent state.

So I came to the escort. Against my will, against my pride. But at some point, the mix of pain and pleasure weighs more heavily than the pride “not to do it”; the fear of missing something feels heavier than the fear of doing something wrong.

Somewhat shamelessly one arrives at one of these pages “by chance”. A little back-and-forth Click to see a few pictures. Then leave the site again. The next day while doing some routine work, the pictures reappear again my head. And again you go to this website. A little bit of clicking, a little bit of looking, reading some texts. And away again. Such were my first visits to Krypton Escort.

I’ve looked at the profiles for 2 months again and again. Girls came and went. It was a lively change. Twice I was determined to book, but still wanted a little wait and think. Indecision. Otherwise, I do not know that about me. Then the profiles were suddenly gone. How annoyed I was that I did not initiate a request.

Then I wrote to the support, if Valeria from Berlin was still to meet. And yet I know sales psychology: You always want what you can not (anymore) have. Maria had become so desirable because she was no longer within reach. Or because the pictures in my memory were much better than the originals. Or because I was looking for an excuse to complicate things more and more, instead of just contacting a girl.

I just got a short answer: “You can only contact girls who also have an online profile.”

Ok, so no Valeria. Then I finally gave myself a jolt and made contact. I do not write the name here. I’m a bit sentimental and somehow I find that everything she and I have experienced is between us. That’s why I do not want to go too much into the details.

She is a beautiful woman, young and yet smart. If I’m honest with myself, I’ve never met a woman of this quality privately before. My girlfriends before were smart, intelligent, were educated. They did not have a deep erotic charisma though.

What do I mean by a deep erotic charisma? I do not know that exactly. It’s a hard-to-describe feeling that arises when you meet a certain quality of woman. It is the presence of two poles. Like the north and south poles, which attract each other. Simply, because nature wants it that way. It goes beyond sexual attraction.

But I do not want to fall into spiritual bla too much here. For me it is right to meet women for money. It does not make me happy, but satisfied for a short time. Most of my meetings have broadened my horizons. Especially, of course, in terms of women.

If you, my dear reader, are like me, then you’ve spent most of your life in a particular social clientele whose members have a strong color. I mean, go over the campus and tell me that stereotypes have no basis in reality. Group affiliation gives us meaning and support. I have nothing against it. But it also restricts us, it cramps our horizon. We do not even consider that there are people out there who are so different and still interesting to us. That’s what I like about escorts or at least a good escort.

A few practical tips for escort beginners

  • meet amateurs, not professionals. I have nothing against professionals but they could not give me the feeling of authenticity like an amateur. There is no room for routine in love, not even in the paid love
  • Unfortunately most of the escorts are professionals. There are only a few websites where you can find amateurs. I really like Krypton Escort, because I usually meet in Berlin. I’ve also heard of good things in southern Germany, but so far not tested
  • look for a woman who does not look like your ex. That’s not a joke. There are studies that show that most men look for the same type of woman over and over again. On the surface, because it is just “her type”. This is only the half truth. They are also afraid of the new. Do something new, if you already meet an escort
  • trust your gut in the first five seconds and terminate the meeting if you do not feel it. I have a client who could not smell me at the beginning of our professional collaboration and I could not stand him either. I do not know why, but we just did not like each other. In the meantime, we are doing very well and our cooperation is extremely productive. However, it took us two years to overcome our initial antipathy. You do not have this time in an escort meeting. If, for whatever reason, you do not like it, the meeting will end immediately. It can not be good. Review the situation beforehand in mind. Otherwise it will be very difficult for you to break off the meeting. Send her home with a good tip. Give her a good feeling. Then you will feel better yourself as well.
  • Agree on an extension option and pull it in time if it is going well. You just do not know what’s going on before. Maybe we’ll get along so well that we spend the whole night. Maybe we just have a quick drink. I do not know and nobody knows. In any case, keep the option open.

I have a few more things to add, but I have to stop writing for today. Maybe more next time.